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The following people have the authority to alert the warehouse staff of the need to release the regional stocks of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and make aware of the transportation arrangements.

Region 2 Officers:

Partnership Chair
Partnership Vice-Chair
Partnership Secretary
Partnership Funding Coordinator
Partnership Training Coordinator
Partnership Public Information Officer

Area 3 Emergency Management:

Area KYEM Manager
Daviess County EMA Director
Hancock County EMA Director
Henderson County EMA Director
McLean County EMA Director
Ohio County EMA Director
Union County EMA Director
Webster County EMA Director

Release of Supplies:

1. Emergency release of the cache of PPE may be authorized by any of the individuals named above.  
2. A password is required in order for the Riverport Authority to release supplies.  Each individual named in this policy will have access to the password and must provide same when requesting release of the stored supplies.  
3. Passwords will be changed semi-annually and will be unique each time.
4. Once a request has been issued, the following information must be provided to the personnel at the Riverport Authority:  transportation, person to receive the supplies and an estimated time of arrival to the warehouse.
5. The partnership will be alerted to the need for the supplies and point of distribution by a phone tree to be established by the partnership.
6. A running inventory of distributed supplies will be maintained by the partnership in conjunction with the River Port Authority Staff.
7. Each individual authorized by the partnership to receive the supplies, transport  the supplies to the point of distribution will carry with him/her a unique form of picture identification clearly indicating association with the partnership or its organizations.  In addition to the identification, the person receiving the supplies will be given a password for release of supplies.  The transporter's password will be given to the Riverport Authority at the initial notification.    

Contents of Riverport Inventory - 1/17/2008

Region 2 Partnership Riverport Assets

50,000 N95 respirator masks
1500 boxes nitrile gloves, various sizes 
5000 containers hand sanitizer