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working on revision 10/10/2019

 Green River Region Ventilator Summary 

This is a comprehensive summary of the ventilators available throughout Region 2:

           Agency Number and Type
Ohio County EMS 2 portable vents
Ohio County Hospital 4 vents
Owensboro Medical Health System 17 adult vents
3 pediatric/infant
1 portable vent
River Valley Behavioral Health 1 vent not installed
Henderson County EMS 2 portable vents
Deaconess Henderson Hospital 1 high-frequency vent
1 adult/neo transport vent
4 adult only vents
3 adult/neonatal vents
1 neonatal only vent
Webster County EMS 2 portable vents
Union Deaconess Henderson Hospital 2 vents
Union County EMS 2 portable vents
McLean County EMS 2 portable vents
Yellow Ambulance Service/Daviess County 1 portable vent

None of the Fire Departments have ventilators.
This does not include procurement agreements with suppliers.  Reflects what is existing in region.